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"How do I build my net worth?"

"Is it too late to start saving for retirement?"

"How do world events affect my money?"

Questions like these are on the minds of many, and they deserve a sound answer. The book you’re holding provides just that and much more. Debunking myths and providing actionable insight, Kyle Beveridge brilliantly calls the reader to a financial renewal. With the Bible as his source material, Kyle provides invaluable perspectives on:

  • Investment strategies for growth and preservation
  • How to build and lead a business
  • The difference between good and bad debt
  • Generosity, inheritance, and much more

The young, old, the novice, and the seasoned alike will all find tried and true ideas that can change the outlook of your financial situation for good. With a proven blue print in hand, it is your time to discover and build your true net worth!

A Message From the Author

For the past forty-two years, it has been my privilege to counsel several hundred individuals and more than one hundred fifty small business owners. Therefore, within these pages, you will find information on building your net worth through investments in a variety of industries, tips on diversification, hints on building a successful business even in a plunging economy, preparing for retirement so you won’t outlast your money, leaving a legacy of prosperity, and looking forward to the future, both earthly and eternal—no matter what comes our way.

A very wise woman put it this way: “As Christians, we are partners and stockholders in the kingdom of God. We have ownership with our Father. This brings unlimited resources that are untapped. We also have spiritual currencies available to us. After all, we are joint heirs with Jesus Christ. That alone is mind-boggling! This is why you need to PRAY BIG. Don’t pray small but ask for what you need. Uncap your rightful inheritance and use your spiritual currencies. It’s easier than you think.

I agree. So, I have chosen to write this book, weaving together three elements: personal stories of my search for significance, both failures and favor; the five building blocks of our successful investment business; and biblical principles that will help you develop the key to your own success, both spiritual and financial.

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