Author and Financial Professional

Kyle E. Beveridge is president of ESB W&I (Wealth and Investments). He began his career with E.S. Beveridge & Associates in 1978, immediately after graduating from Otterbein University. Starting out as a sales rep of life and health insurance, Mr. Beveridge transitioned into sales and consultation of pension plans/401(k)plans.

In 1983, Mr. Beveridge assumed control of E.S. Beveridge & Associates, with gross sales of $100,000 and one part-time employee. By 2000, the company had gained over one hundred 401(k) plans and eleven full-time employees.

In 2012, E.S. Beveridge & Associates was split, forming three new entities: ESB Wealth Management (401(k) plans, ProTPA, and ESB Investments, Inc. (personal investments), with E.S. Beveridge & Associates remaining to focus on health care insurance. Additionally, in 2012, ESB Wealth purchased a 401(k) book of business in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.

Today, with several great sales reps and technology to match, plus a new name—ESB W&I (Wealth and Investments)—he is transitioning from marketing 401(k) plans to individual planning and 401(k) plans, the reverse of the company’s strategy for the past thirty years. ESB W&I will continue to expand in several states, always looking to add quality sales reps to the team.

Mr. Beveridge now devotes the majority of his working time to ESB W&I,focusing on portfolio management, retirement planning, and succession planning. When he is not involved with his clients, he invests in his family, as he enjoys traveling with his wife, Kim, working on the farm, golfing, and spending time with his four children and ten grandchildren.