What People Are Saying

  • Mickey Robinson
    "Kyle Beveridge gives you insight from his personal journey of catapulting his business into twenty times its original value. You will be inspired, equipped, and activated to grow your own net worth. “Hey, it’s your money,” you will be helped to be a player and not just a payer."
    Mickey Robinson
    Author of Supernatural Courage and Falling Into Heaven
  • Micah Pelkey
    "This book has incredible insight into the basic fundamentals that are needed for a healthy financial foundation. These writings will encourage you to invest in your now, as well as your eternity. I highly recommend this for people of all ages."
    Micah Pelkey
    Pastor, Storyside Church, Bellville, Ohio
  • Ben Snyder
    "I enjoyed the combination of storytelling and applicable financial principles that can help anyone build a wholistic net worth."
    Ben Snyder
    Lead pastor, CedarCreek Church, Toledo, Ohio
  • Jenny Pruitt
    "I so enjoyed this story of wealth-building through a foundation of hard work, ethical practices, and biblical principles. This is exactly how I built my business and grew my personal net worth, so I can attest to the fact that Kyle Beveridge’s ideas work. One suggestion alone—for business-owners, young people just getting started, and those facing retirement years—is worth the price of this book. Read it and find out for yourself!"
    Jenny Pruitt
    Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Brian S. Wesbury
    "Kyle Beveridge has written a remarkable book providing invaluable wisdom and perspective on investing, and more importantly, the most important question of all time. We must all answer about our eternity! Highly recommended read."
    Brian S. Wesbury
    Senior fellow at The Heartland Institute and chief economist at First Trust Advisors L.P., a financial services firm based in Lisle, Illinois

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About The Book

"How do I build my net worth?"

"Is it too late to start saving for retirement?"

"How do world events affect my money?"

Questions like these are on the minds of many, and they deserve a sound answer. The book you’re holding provides just that and much more. Debunking myths and providing actionable insight, Kyle Beveridge brilliantly calls the reader to a financial renewal. With the Bible as his source material, Kyle provides invaluable perspectives on:

  • Investment strategies for growth and preservation
  • How to build and lead a business
  • The difference between good and bad debt
  • Generosity, inheritance, and much more

The young, old, the novice, and the seasoned alike will all find tried and true ideas that can change the outlook of your financial situation for good. With a proven blue print in hand, it is your time to discover and build your true net worth!

About Kyle Beveridge

Author and Financial Professional

Kyle E. Beveridge is president of ESB W&I (Wealth and Investments). He began his career with E.S. Beveridge & Associates in 1978, immediately after graduating from Otterbein University. Starting out as a sales rep of life and health insurance, Mr. Beveridge transitioned into sales and consultation of pension plans/401(k)plans.

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